24/7 Classical. Smiles optional.

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Bill Crane is a local classical musician visionary who pow-wowed with Thomas Lauderdale to create a 24 hour music festival at Wieden + Kennedy’s atrium.  24 hours of classical music programs to mark the seven-plus years of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I spoke with him before the event and he told me about his inspiration.  Lovely man.  Listen here:  http://radio.wk.com/archive.php?id=85 


I went on Sunday afternoon.  Before I arrived, I got bummed out by an awkward run in with an old friend while I was waiting for the bus on 3rd and Burnside .  Immediately afterwards, some guy walking past told me  “Smile! It’s not so bad.”  I scowl when I’m deep in thought.  It’s not the first time some man has said this to me.  I’m usually too taken off guard to tell him where to stick the suggestion and I’m like huh? what?  I couldn’t tell what he was saying at first because I had my i-pod earphones in. The music was loud.  I took an earphone out and asked him  “What?”  He repeated it.  He looked like a hard liver turned saved.  He caught me at just the worst/best moment.   “Don’t FUCKing tell me to smile.”  Then, stuck my earphone back in. His face turned really nasty.  He seemed to want to fight about it but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.   I told him, probably way too loud because my music was blaring, “Keep it movin!”  He did.  He didn’t know he was dealing with a Philly girl.  

Going to the 24/7 event and hearing the Portland Taiko drummers and Beethoven’s 9th was moving.   Stirring.  It helped me go there.  Without resistance. Without the game face.  What could have been!  Who have I become?! War!  Fuck this war!   I think of a line from that Pretenders song Back On the Chain Gang whenever I get real down about the friend I had the bad exchange with. “The powers that be that force us to live like we do, Bring me to my knees when I see what they’ve done to you.  But I’ll die as I stand here today, knowing that deep in my heart they’ll fall to ruin one day for making us part.”  I cried hard.  The dark cloud passed. I felt the love.  Sometimes I feel like I love people most when I let them go.  

Here’s my coverage of the event which includes interviews with Dan Wieden, Ida Rae Cahana, Anne Adams aka Grey Anne and Bill Crane: http://radio.wk.com/archive.php?id=108


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