Revel In Portland

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I’m in Portland and doing a performance at this event on Friday, FEB. 22 At around 8ish or so. But I’ll be there the whole time doing an installation.
Revel In Portland – a benefit night supporting Portland Arts and The Right Brain Initiative where: The Cleaners/ Ace Hotel | when: Friday 2.22.13 from 6-9pm

Any $ donation gets you in the door, along with a copy of REVEL IN PORTLAND.

Terrifying Women at PICA’s TBA FESTIVAL Tuesday, Sept 11th 10pm

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The Hollywood Theatre Presents: FUTURE CINEMA

A video, comedy, performance, live, streaming, extravaganza
Sarah Johnson, Kathleen Keogh, Angela Fair, Tanya Smith, Wendy Haynes, Diana Joy, Alicia McDaid


The Works at Washington High School
1335 Southeast Stark Street
Portland, OR 97214

A lot of people ask me “What do you mean by “terrifying”? And I say, “You know, like, kind of crazy but, like, good crazy? Most of the time?”

Are you a terrifying woman? Or have you ever been terrified of a woman?


1. Have you ever been told you are “too sensitive” or “too intense” yet often accused of being “too reserved” or “independent”?
2. Has anyone ever said, “You’re crazy,” or “What the fuck are you talking about? Can we please go to sleep now?” to you?
3. Have any mental or holistic health care professionals ever noted that “your moods seem to get in the way of your life? or that “you feel a lot”?
4. Have you ever had an unsolicited spiritual experience?
5. Do you experience rage? Do you express it?
6. Have you ever confused love and sex?
7. Have you ever asked someone to “define obsessive”?
8. Have you ever habitually used any drugs or refused to take any drugs?
9. Have you ever been told that you vibrate at a high frequency
or that you’re “smart”?
10. Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of love and joy that made you cry tears of joy and gratitude even though you knew you would most likely experience gut wrenching pain and anguish at least one more time that day?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should definitely come see our show. If you answered “no” to all of these questions, you’re a liar.