what’s your spirit animal?

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“Animals have gifts that they will give to those who ask. Each animal offers a different wisdom to you. People in need of serenity will benefit from Manatee’s soft, calming energy.  Meanwhile, Wolf offers people a strong sense of self.  For people who need to walk without fear, Puma offers his gifts. To those who are willing to listen, the animals freely give their gifts.”

I just discovered my spirit animal.  


I’m a swan!


Characters: Tereus, Kalia in the Aspect of Crowtrilogy

Powers: Foretelling future through dreams, dream-walking

Swans are idealistic, open-minded, and passionate. Your good nature often leads people to think they can take advantage of you, but they should be careful—beneath that serenity lies a fighting spirit. Your love is fierce and unconditional, fueled by the certainty that it should last forever.

Best matches: Wolves, Horses, Otters

Watch out for: Cougars, Foxes, Hawks

Cougar example: